Watson Ranch – Napa Valley Ruins & Gardens

Watson Ranch – Napa Valley Ruins & Gardens

3883 Turquoise Way, Oakland, CA: By celebrating the distinctiveness of American Canyon – its historic ruins and small town feeling in a stunning natural setting – Watson Ranch will become a vital center of community life and destination for visitors that will be enjoyed for generations. A unique community where current and future residents and visitors alike can meet, relax, celebrate, exercise, eat, play, drink, shop and just have fun.

Imagine a place to sit outside with friends on a warm summer evening, sipping some of the world’s best local wine and taking in a performance at the amphitheater or watching an outdoor movie. Meet friends for coffee while the kids play in the park. Stroll through the farmers market and grab a quick lunch at the mobile food venue surrounding the Plaza. Enjoy a picnic with local artisanal breads and cheese, and visit a winery or brewery among the beautiful, historic ruins. Host a special occasion or wedding at the chapel/event center and relax at an upscale 200-room hotel.

The Watson Ranch Team, with significant input from American Canyon staff, elected officials and community members, prepared the Watson Ranch Specific Plan: a comprehensive planning document that will guide the future development of the 309-acre property.

The Watson Ranch Specific Plan outlines a project (“Watson Ranch”) that includes multi-faceted elements for a new town center (“Napa Valley Ruins & Gardens”) within the city limits of American Canyon in a setting that is unlike anything else in the region. Watson Ranch will also include a new elementary school, multiple parks and extensive bike and pedestrian trails connecting the project and surrounding community to the Newell Open Space. Watson Ranch helps complete the fabric of American Canyon by linking the community through completion of planned circulation improvements and by creating community gathering places.

The Watson Ranch Specific Plan was unanimously approved by the American Canyon City Council on June 18, 2019. The first phases of construction will begin in 2020.

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